The International Hahnemann Congress (IHC) is borne by the principles of homeopathy and for this reason it is unique throughout the world in its  focus and orientation.

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, formulated a series of experience-based principles which are fundamental to homeopathy:

  • The administration of medicines which have been tested on healthy subjects (classical theory of medicine).
  • The criteria for recognising symptoms of disease (pathological symptoms which are perceptible to the senses etc.).
  • The application of the principle of similarity through the  correlation of remedies which produce syndromes and conditions in healthy subjects  with the disease symptoms of the patient.
  • The appropriate dosage of the drug.
  • The elimination of barriers to healing.

If these conditions are met, then an effective cure can be assured in advance.

These carefully tested hypotheses are based purely on observation and must be clearly distinguished from Hahnemann’s theoretical elaborations and deductions on the nature of disease, miasms or action mechanisms of allopathic and homeopathic drugs. The principles of homeopathy are concerned solely with the rules which must be followed for practical implementation of homeopathy.

Throughout his life Hahnemann continually improved and tested the methodology of his medical approach, but never altered the basic princiciples which he had once developed from his own experience. These remain valid over all time and are the great strength of homeopathy since they are not altered by new medical discoveries or new hypotheses.

Two hundred years ago a scientific drug therapy was established on the basis of these ingenious principles for the first time in the history of medicine, and has been tested and verified a millionfold since then by practitioners all over the world.
The famous experts of homeopathy including Bönninghausen, Lippe and Kent unanimously expressed the view that their impressive successes were attributable to the implementation of these principles. Like Hahnemenn, they too continued to optimise the methodology of homeopathy during the course of their lives.

Dr. med. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg
President of the IHC