Lecture: Friday, September 28th, 11:00 - 12:35
Specific tools for resolving difficult cases
Dr. Saine will discuss in greater depth six of the themes touched on in the two-day workshop, such as intercurrent diseases ("mishaps" and "morbid intercurrentes"), the importance of old symptoms, the importance of cured symptoms for prescribing, the issue of pathological prescribing, the place of nosodes and the importance of symptoms never experienced by the patient. All prescribers, from intermediate to the most advanced, will learn much about these particular but very important practical applications of homeopathy. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the two-day seminar to fully benefit from this lecture.

Lecture: Saturday, September 29th, 8:30 - 9:25
The envisaged revival of the IHA
The International Hahnemannian Association (IHA) existed from 1880 to 1959. Its member list included all eminent homeopaths of the time, such as Lippe, Allen, Boger, Clarke, Nash, Kent, and others. With its publications the IHA not only left an invaluable body of experience, but it also made a substantial contribution to preserving an untainted homeopathic heritage in the 20th century.
Today the disagreement among different schools has given new importance to defining the fundamentals of homeopathy. Dr. Saine is a specialist of North American homeopathy and has collected documents and photographs from the IHA history for many years. His animated lecture will contribute a historical perspective to the question: Does it make sense and is it necessary today to revive the IHA?

The excellent quality of the IHA’s proceedings and publications has been a crucial inspiration of the International Hahnemann Congress in several ways:
- the members met once a year to exchange and discuss their experience. And those giving a lecture participated at the whole conference;
- for every meeting the attendants were given in advance the abstracts of every lecture in order to allow them to prepare their questions and statements at the discussions;
- there was no remuneration given for lectures; the IHA meetings were held on a strict non-profit basis.

Dr. André Saine N.D., D.C. (Canada) is one of the most requested teachers of homeopathy worldwide. Whoever meets him personally will feel that André Saine is heart and soul a homeopath inspired by a deep conviction of Hahnemann’s method.
Having started his studies in homeopathy in 1976, he learned with teachers such as Robin Murphy, Bill Gray, George Vithoulkas, Francisco Eizayaga, and John Bastyr. Yet he says that his greatest learning experience had been the study of the writings of the old masters, above all Hahnemann, Lippe, Wells, and Bönninghausen. Since 1986 Dr. Saine has been instructing philosophy, fundamentals, and Materia medica in a comprehensible and convincing manner at congresses and seminars in the Americas and in Europe. He is a lecturer at the National Center of Homeopathy in Washington, D.C., dean and senior lecturer of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in Toronto, Ontario, and president of the Quebec Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
Dr. Saine has a vast knowledge of the Golden Age of North American homeopathy in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially the works of Adolf Lippe, whose Collected Writings he is currently preparing for print. André Saine’s own publications investigate, among others, the treatment of severe conditions or the Pure Homeopathy he has made common.
Intent to expand the field of action and the potentials of homeopathy, Dr. Saine attends in his large practice in Montreal almost exclusively patients with severe pathologies, including psychiatric conditions, AIDS, MS, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, renal failure, and cancer. “During the three weeks we had the luck to watch [André Saine] at work, we were witnessing patients giving extremely positive feedbacks and saw impressive results. ... Despite our critical attitude … we were bound to recognize that Dr. Saine’s work is extraordinarily successful. This is the more amazing, given the fact that most of his patients see him with serious diseases.”

K. and R. Vigoureux, ZKH 2004: 117

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