50 years practice in Homeopathy
In this lecture Dr. Srinivasan will share his personal recollections and reflections on his profession:

I will tell how homeopathy made me from a frail, puny, youth to a healthy person. And how my interest in studying the source books made me learn German, as well as the joy of reading the source material and the contemporary German journals. I still practice "orthodox" homœopathy, i.e. I do not use any software, and I do not use the computer to repertorise with tens of rubrics.
Homeopathy is community medicine and is needed to be used more often among the economically poor and needy. It should be the people’s medicine and should not be let to be high-jacked by big hospitals and high-tech promoters, nor should it be dependent on instruments. Homœopathy is complete and does not need any "modernisation" or "innovation". We should not fight shy of the terminology fundamentalist; the word by itself is alright, even if it is perverted as a smear word. No need to bend backward to place "evidences" acceptable to the scientific school. "Restore the sick to health" - that is the only calling.

50 years practice in Homeopathy - cases
Dr. Srinivasan will give an account of selected cases he treated during 50 years of practice as homeopathic practitioner in Chennai, Southern India:
50 years ago there were very few books and small number of practitioners. So though it was small, homeopathy was a well-knit world. The few books could be learnt by heart. I´ll only touch such cases where one remedy only was given and there was good response and that was all the case. A response which baffled the "specialists".  In a practice where one has to see on an average 50 patients at least per day, including new. Pathologies which come to the homœopath in advanced stage - which is the general experience of almost all homœopaths.

Dr. K. S. Srinivasan M.D. (India), is truly a doyen of Indian homeopathy. Firmly rooted in both his own Indian culture and the work of the great Western homeopaths of the 19th and 20th centuries, his working method is characterized by precision and straightforwardness. As a practitioner and teacher with five decades of working experience, Dr. Srinivasan has collected a vast library of classical works in homeopathy and he has written countless scientific papers for journals in India and abroad, including the German Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie (ZKH). Among others, Dr. Srinivasan is the author of the Additions to Classical Materia Medica of Clark and member of the scientific advisory board of the ZKH.