Thursday, September 27th, 15:30 - 16:00
Hints and tools for the use of Q potencies: The first prescription
Ubiratan C. Adler

Until the end of his long and productive life Hahnemann continued to refine his pharmaco-clinical method. In the 6th edition of The Organon he incorporated his Parisian experience with the repetition of potentized doses, including his latest findings with fifty-millesimal potencies. Recent evidence suggests that Hahnemann’s conception about the superiority of the fifty-millesimal in comparison with the centesimal dynamization was based on a significant  number of experiments with the two scales.
In the past few years the fifty-millesimal dynamization has gained notability in well succeeded clinical trials, leading among homeopaths to a rising practical concern for the use of Q or LM potencies . Dr. Adler’s lecture will illustrate the management of Q potencies in chronic diseases and provide guidance in the issues of posology and potency-elevation models, follow up criteria as well as procedures to cope with homeopathic aggravations or new symptoms.

Friday, September 28th, 15:00 - 15:35
Hints and tools for the use of Q potencies: The second prescription
Ubiratan C. Adler

The second prescription represents a demanding task as to rigour of observation and follow up assessment. In his vivid lecture Dr. Adler addresses the criteria to observe in the course of treatment, including the issues of how to deal with new and old symptoms, with improving or aggravating symptoms, as well as with remedy-induced aggravations.

Dr. Ubiratan Cardinalli Adler M.D. (Brazil) practices in Sao Paulo. Doing intensive fundamental and clinical research in homeopathy, he introduced LM/Q potencies in Brazil and was the first to conduct a systematic review of the prescriptions of Q potencies Hahnemann had noted in his French casebooks. Dr. Adler is the leading teacher in the training of Brazilian homeopaths, in supervision and seminar activities, as well as a frequent lecturer at national and international congresses. He has established and is managing an Hahnemann clinic for outpatients in Brazil. His most recent publications concern the role of infectious diseases and vaccinations in the development of atopic conditions, and the different assessments of the process of cure in Hering, Kent and Hahnemann.